Lake Maggiore Boat

Book a boat and live an unforgettable experience on Lake Maggiore with its views, its hidden corners and its wonderful islands.
You can enjoy it in complete freedom, for a few hours or for a whole day, renting one of our boats even though you do not have a boat license.

You can either leave from Luino Porto Vecchio or from Porto Lido in Luino to explore one of the most beautiful Italian lakes.


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Our boat rental service, without driver and with or without a boat license is reliable and safe.
We manage a fleet of selected and constantly maintained boats, which receive regular cleaning and sanitation treatments.
At departure we always deliver clean, efficient boats with a full tank.
Our boats are covered by a civil liability insurance policy

How it works

We are committed to your navigation to be a unique experience and an unforgettable moment; hence we make sure it is both pleasant and safe.
Upon departure, we will show you how to use the boat and we will provide a map for guidance.

Rental service rules

Show up 15 minutes prior to departure time   
The booking time is the departure time; therefore, you are required to arrive 15 minutes in advance to complete the necessary preliminary procedures.
Number of people on board
All passengers must embark at departure. You are not allowed to take passengers on board at a later time.

During navigation it is absolutely forbidden to leave the Italian borders.
Only the person who deposits his/her identity document with the management at the time of hire is authorised to drive the boat. The boat may not be driven by any of the other passengers

Docking at ports and piers is strictly prohibited during navigation.
To confirm the reservation, it is necessary to go to the Porto Vecchio di Luino to pay a deposit

Choose one of our rental boat

You can drive them even without a boat license. Request info and availability.


40CV petrol motorboat
Central drive
Large sundeck



40CV petrol motorboat
Central guide
Large sundeck
Swim ladder

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